Always in the Mood For You

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An acoustic/folk CD that will tug at your heartstrings and make you smile.

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Song List:

      Always in the Mood for You

Call of the West
All That You Are To Me
      Puff The Magic Dragon

Where Was I
Lord, Don’t Let Me Catch a Cold (On Opening Night)
What If
      One Fine Autumn Day

Hearthstone Fire
This Old Guitar


  1. admin

    Mark Cormican is a Northern Kentucky native who tours regularly and is currently sporting his latest album, ALWAYS IN THE MOOD FOR YOU. Cormican, a huge John Denver fan, wrote a
    song about the late singer when he heard of his death and subsequently became
    part of a tribute album and a concert in Colorado honoring him.

  2. admin

    Cormican’s rustic, acoustic-based songs see the romanticism, and Cormican does a good job on songs like “One Fine Autumn Day” (the song he wrote for Denver) and “Hearthstone Fire” of matching the wistful mood with breezy flute, strings and piano. Cormican’s simple, folksy style recalls the music of John Prine, James Taylor and, of course, John Denver.
    — Mike Breen – City Beat Magazine
    September, 2000

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