For the past 35 years, Mark Cormican has blessed audiences with his singing, song-writing and his genuinely sincere tribute to the late John Denver. Like John Denver, Mark has a way of relating to people with his own original music . . . communicating through song, his love for the people and places he holds most dear.  With this winning combination, Mark Cormican and STARWOOD weave together a magical tapestry of music that audiences will remember for years to come.

A native of Northern Kentucky, Mark is currently in transition, spending half the year in the Northern Kentucky/Ohio area and the second half of the year in the Denver, Colorado area – where he hopes to reside full time. In both locations, daytime will find Mark entertaining (solo) “experienced” adults in local Assisted Living Centers and Retirement Homes.  Through the classic hits from Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Ricky Nelson, etc., Mark has the unique ability of transporting his audience to a more vibrant time in their life. It has been said on numerous occasions, “He’s the best we’ve got (but don’t tell anyone).”

johndenver01-430x250Nighttime and weekends, you’ll find Mark performing concerts, private events, pubs, restaurants, etc.  Whether solo or performing with STARWOOD, the experience will be one not soon forgotten.